Space Rental FAQ

What are your rental fees?

Rentals fees are based on several factors, including the sponsoring group, space needed, type of event, and hours of event. A list of rental fees can be found in our Rental Policies & Fees document. To discuss the costs of your event, please contact the Event Coordinator.

What type of events can take place in the museums?

Public lectures, cocktail-style receptions, wedding ceremonies, retirement parties, birthday parties, meetings, and musical performances are just a few examples of the types of events the museum can accommodate. Consideration of requests is based upon their relationship to the Museum’s mission, their timing in relation to other Museum activities, and their suitability regarding the safety and security of the Museum and its contents. Approval of a similar past event does not mean a new event can be accommodated.

What spaces are available for events?

The Senate Chamber, Supreme Court Chamber, and first floor rotunda are the most popular event spaces at Old Capitol Museum. At the Museum of Natural History, Iowa Hall, Bird Hall, and Mammal Hall are all available for rental.  Other spaces may be available in Old Capitol depending on the type of event and number of attendees. 

Do you offer discounts for University of Iowa groups and non-profits?

University of Iowa departments and offical student groups receive reduced fees for rentals, and some daytime events have no fee.  Non-profits receive reduced rental fees for events. For more information about fee structures, contact the Event Coordinator at 319.335.2010.

What hours can I hold my event?

Weddings and most private receptions must be held outside our regular hours. Senate Chamber events can be held throughout the day, depending on availability.

Can I have my wedding on the outside steps of the Old Capitol?

Wedding ceremonies are only permitted inside the museum.  The steps and portico are part of public space on the Pentacrest and any activity on the Pentacrest is subject to University regulations.

What information will you need from me?

The most important information in advance is what kind of event you're planning, whether you plan to serve food and beverages, whether you have AV needs and how many attendees you expect.  While many details can be clarified later, it is important for the museum to know whether we're helping you plan a meeting or a cocktail reception, and for 10 or 100 people.  No one likes surprises on the day of a big event!


If you have any questions or would like to start planning your event at the museum, please contact the Event Coordinator at 319-335-2010.