Museums are an ideal venue for active, engaged learning across disciplines.  We encourage UI instructors to bring classes or assign students to use the building, the permanent museum areas and restored rooms, and the temporary exhibits in your courses.  We may be able to arrange for your class to meet with exhibit curators or educators.  We can also serve as a venue for final reading, exhibit, or performance projects.  Departments and colleges we've worked with include English, history, rhetoric, creative writing, music, art and art history, and law.  We are happy to meet to brainstorm ideas.

UI class visits should be scheduled in advance to prevent conflicts with other groups and field trips.  UI class visits are not limited to public museum hours; we are happy to arrange a schedule that works for your course.  

Even if you don't schedule in advance, or if your students are assigned to explore the museum on their own, please let us know that you're using the museum for teaching.  This helps us make sure we can provide the resources that instructors need, and makes it possible for us to report accurately on our engagement with the UI academic community..

Sketch Nite for Card (For UI Instructors)




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Cards for UI Instructor


The Pentacrest Museums love to get creative about how we collaborate with instructors and students. The possibilities are endless. Here’s just one example: