National History Day

National History Day in Iowa Grant Wood District Contest

The 2018 National History Day (NHD) in Iowa Grant Wood district contest will be held Friday, March 16, at the Old Capitol Museum and neighboring Pentacrest buildings.


NHD in Iowa is an event that promotes the study of history in schools by creating a higher degree of engagement with historical thought in students, educators, and community numbers who participate. The program’s central elements develop participants’ ability to: (1) complete in-depth research; (2) critically analyze and develop conclusions about the information they have discovered from a variety of sources; and (3) present and defend their interpretations in a critical yet creative forum.


The spirit of NHD is based upon the recognition of excellence and the positive evaluation of every participant. Working individually or collaboratively, NHD students create original research papers, exhibits, documentaries, performances, and websites related to the annual theme.


The theme for 2018 is “Conflict & Compromise in History.” With their projects, students compete at district, state, and national levels of NHD.  The Grant Wood district contest is open to those in grades 6 - 12.  


To register for the upcoming NHD in Iowa Grant Wood district contest, visit the statewide NHD website.

For More Information

For questions regarding the NHD in Iowa Grant Wood district contest, please contact district coordinator, Kathrine Moermond, at or call 319-335-0546.


For information regarding the NHD in Iowa state contest, please contact the state coordinator, Vania Boland at


For current theme information and a list of past and future NHD themes, visit the national organization website.  For more information about National History Day, visit the national organization website or the or the NHD in Iowa website.